Friday, October 23, 2009

Long View Gallery Grand Re-Opening

Friday October 23, 2009

Last night the DC arts scene witnessed a historic moment with the Grand Re-Opening of Long View gallery on 9th st.

With 5,000 square feet of ultra modern industrial space, Long View is THE event location to be in. Located directly across from the convention center, the front and back galleries are complimented by superb lighting and a relaxing outdoor rear patio.

Roughly a thousand people in the arts, events, fashion, & design communities were treated to a phenomenal collection of new works by artists:

Scott Brooks
Anna U. Davis
Steve Pyke
Dana Ellyn
Matt Sesow
Tony Savoie
Drew Ernst
Victor Ekpuk
Mike Weber
Billy Colbert
John Whipple
Stacie Albano
Chris Stephens

Attendees were greeted by the wizened and formidable visage of Sir Ian McKellen as shot by Steve Pyke, the original of which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

Scott Brooks, whose pieces are featured here, has been showing with Long View for a couple years now. He had a big solo show in May of ’08, and has another one coming up next year.

Anna Davis spent seven months on her largest piece, which pays homage to her Swedish heritage with a gorgeous depiction of the celebration known as Midsummer. (Midsummer is also sometimes referred to by Neopagans and others as "Litha".)

You MUST see the works while the show is in its present state of Spectacularity!!!

Long View Gallery
1234 9th street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Open Wednesday - Sunday, 11 AM - 7 PM

Special Thanks to Drew, Suzi, and of course William for making it all possible. The guys at Dissident Display were in collaboration with DJ Yoko for a "Hypnagogic" music performance. Catering by Occassions was delectable! The martinis were sublime in Pear/Raspberry & Apple Cinnamon. Altogether an incredibly fulfilling event!!!!