Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dunes presents DYSTOPIA : Dana Ellyn & Matt Sesow

The Dunes presents Dystopia, featuring new works by Washington, D.C. based artists Dana Ellyn & Matt Sesow, Opening December 16th.

CLOSING- Dystopia- Future Shock- Tails & Tunes
Tuesday, Jan 31st. 7-11pm
Sesow projections. Drinks by Jon Harris & Frankie Jones. Rock & soul focused on dystopian themes. Dystopian book swap. Don’t miss it!
Exhibition runs 12/16/11- 1/31/12
Opening Reception Friday, December 16th, 2011.

7:00 - 11:00 p.m.

"Dystopia" is a two-person exhibition featuring recent paintings by DC artist couple Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow. For "Dystopia" Ellyn and Sesow selected and created new works inspired by classic Dystopian novels, movies, and themes. Additionally, the couple has pulled from news and commentary sources such as Democracy Now, Russia Television, Al Jazeera, Alex Jones, and CSPAN.

Some of the paintings are a re-imagining of a degraded and totalitarian future, while others offer a social commentary on current events. According to Ellyn and Sesow, the Dystopian future conjured within so much of classic literature turned out to be an accurate prediction of current events, politics, and perceived individual freedoms.


The New York City based punk band "Drunken Sufis" will be performing during the opening reception of "Dystopia". The "Drunken Sufis" mix raw edge sound with politically charged thoughtful lyrics... taking no prisoners while dissecting the actions and influence of American policy.

The Dunes is open for viewings Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-6pm, in addition to regular events. View our calendar here: http://thedunesllc.com/

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Crimes: Josse / Wobken

The Dunes Presents Art Crimes, with French painter Antoine Josse and bronze sculptor Ferama Wobken, opening November 14th.

The latest installment of Art Crimes, a monthly art exhibition curated by The Dunes, focuses on two talented artists based in France. Meet Ferama during the Opening Reception, which features live french music by Rachel Sberro, complementary hor d’oeuvres, and spectacular art. French wines and more at the cash/credit bar. Free and open to the public.

Exhibition runs November 14th - December 7th, 2011
Opening Reception: Monday, November 14th, 7:30 - 11:30 p.m.
The Dunes Gallery
1402 Meridian Place, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20010.

About Ferama Wobken:
Ferama's artistic direction experienced a decisive turn while she was in West-Africa where she learned the lost wax method, a bronze founding technique. Working in her own studio later in Bamako, Mali gave an African and earthy influence to her work which is seen in her current sculptures. The sculptures talk about the simplicity of mankind arising from the essence of being. With their attributes of strength, beauty, peace, freedom, sensuality and devotion the longings of much of the world are shown.

About Antoine Josse: About Antoine:
Influenced by the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, Antoine Josse creates interplay between figures in his textural paintings that not only tell poignant stories, but reach to the depths of human emotions. "Art is for me a prolongation of life; artists are the witnesses of their time which they translate through their sensibility and practice." -A. Josse. http://www.myspace.com/antoinejosse

About Art Crimes: Presented by The Dunes, Art Crimes is a series of monthly exhibitions which is currently presented in their gorgeous new multi-use gallery space in N.W. Featured artists, who are often D.C. based, are meticulously chosen both for their phenomenal talent and projected investment value. Genres range from painting and photography to sculpture and mixed media.

Pictured: Antoine Josse,“ L’air de jeux “ Acrylic, sand plaster & wood, 30x70 cm.
Ferama Wobken “ Eagle “ Bronze, 49 x 5 cm.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mark Eisendrath's FLUX - FLOW

Tuesday September 27th
Meet the Artist
Breakout Panel Discussion for Apartment Therapy from 7-9.

The work speaks for itself in Mark Eisendrath's FLUX - FLOW exhibition. Inspired by leaves, branches, embers and sky, Eisendrath utilizes natural materials such as birch and oak, then welds colorful pigments for truly stunning results. Equally fitting in both home and corporate settings, the pieces connect with the viewer on an intimate level. Eisendrath is in interior designer's dream.

The Dunes presents the latest exhibition by artist Mark Eisendrath. Eisendrath experiments with emulsion to create an element of deception in his sculpture: wooden pieces appearing as metal.

When & Where:
The Dunes Gallery, 1402 Meridian Place, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20010.

Exhibition runs through Sept 30th, 2011. Available for private viewings (contact deidree {at}dunesllc{dot}com
Or during events at The Dunes
Opening Reception Wednesday, September 7th 7:30 - 11:30 p.m.

About the artist:
Mark Eisendrath started his career in 1996, after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. Starting in large, abstract paintings while completing residencies in Rhode Island and Paris, Eisendrath later shifted into sculptural works. Using wooden objects and paper, Eisendrath uses the process of emulsion and charring, turning objects into metallic optical illusions.

Eisendrath has been awarded the Jury Prize by the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and Jury Prize in Sculpture from the Towson Arts Collective, presented by the Baltimore Museum of Art.

He has created original installations for properties in Baltimore and Virginia and is the founder of Mark Art LLC, the holding company for a Baltimore combined living and studio space for urban artists. He was recently profiled in Baltimore STYLE magazine.

See more images from the show HERE

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl Power ROCKS!

(Photo by Audrey Meshulam)

Imagine walking onstage in front of a packed house of hundreds of people at DC’s 9:30 club, after you’ve only had your hands on an instrument for 5 days.

What instills that level of confidence so quickly is something way beyond music camp. Co-Founder of Girls Rock DC, Jenn Fox-Thomas likes to call GRDC “Empowerment camp, CLEVERLY disguised as a rock camp”.

How do the girls do it? By being told they can. That confidence, nurtured and supported by a collaborative effort of over 70 energetic and positive volunteers, goes to the core of each girl’s psyche, and stays there. The impact of the entire experience lasts throughtout the year.

How the organizers do it is through a lot of hard work. GRDC camp starts with a rousing morning assembly in the Hall of Sisterhood (aka the lunch room at Mary McLeod Bethune Public Charter School, which generously donated the space). Girls gather by instrument group first and break up into bands in the afternoon. 3 new workshops are held each day, split into age groups when appropriate.

Organizer Mel with campers; Girls interviewing each other in "Talking back through filmmaking" class. Photos by Dominique Fierro

Imani H., vocalist for Lightning Diamonds, was nervous when she first came to camp because she didn’t know anyone. Since it’s not often you are allowed to yell during a morning assembly and not get in trouble, that quickly became her favorite part. It helped her overcome her shyness. Here she is on stage: (Photo by Audrey Meshulam)

Co-Founder Ebony Dumas takes me on a tour of the camp. They have a lot of space requirements for all of the classes and equipment. Working on a minimal budget, the 501c3 accepts donations all year long.

In the “Ani DiFranco” room, (each room is named after a female musician), keyboards are arranged in a circle. The girls give a show of hands to see whether they are comfortable with what they know. Students have been working on their original song all week. They take turns playing their pieces to a captive audience of peers, which does double duty helping them to work out any nervousness.

Dalai W. by D. Fierro.

Drummers maintain a rhythm, and if they come back on the beat a little switched up, they learn to catch themselves and keep going, thanks to volunteer instructor Vivian. Working the high hat, base and snare drums takes practice so they build up gradually. Checking the grip of their sticks, posture, and being comfortable are all items on the checklist in their minds she wants them running through before they start.

In the “Patti Smith” room, 6 of the tiniest guitarists you've ever seen create beautiful cacophony running through their riffs. Four bassists are engaging in similar exercises in another room. 12 year old Columbia Heights resident Ella Moore enlivens the group with her supportive banter and advice. She's inclusive of everyone in the room. With only 3 days on a bass, she’s playing like a pro. “I’ve played guitar for 4 years” she confided to me later. “I taught myself”. No surprise her band song, which she co-wrote with Kennedy D., is titled “You Can’t Stop Us Now!”.

The packed vocal room hosts girls singing a cappella to a raucous crowd, thereby preparing the singers by imitating the crowd they will face at 9:30 club on Saturday. Attention grabbing 9 year old Bethany is clearly enjoying her 1st year at camp, giving the most adorable little-kid-voice rap, complete with "Fricka-fricka-fresh" and a wink.

Bethany by D. Fierro

In the appropriately named “Queen Latifa room of Self-Reflection”, the girls can take a break from all the stimulus if needed. Counselors are on hand and always available to talk. Last year, GRDC lost an “amazing, inspiring, and beloved camper and volunteer”. The Ariana Kosok Future of Rock Fund provided scholarships for 27 girls to attend GRDC this year.

The sometimes intense yet positive workshops cover such a wide array of topics such as song writing, filmmaking, teen health, and “Don’t confuse cost with value”. In “If you don’t like it, change it”, the teenage group reviewed a brief history of American protesting which spurred much discussion. Yavonna Rayfield, 15, of Hyattsville, MD brought up a protest held at her school over recent transportation cuts, which would have left some students unable to get to school. "Some people don’t have ways to ride the metro and all that", she noted. After the school's peaceful protest, "they kept the transportation for us".

Yavonna pictured center. Photo by D. Fierro

For Gigi S।, the 10 year old guitarist in The Uncontrollables who loves to rap in her free time, the hardest part for her is getting to and from camp to her home in the Palisades, "but it's worth it!" she said with a huge smile.

The Uncontrollables

What happened at the showcase was pure magic. A few mistakes were made, but given the time frame, it was one phenomenal feat. These girls know how to tell the world about their greatness.

* 9:30 Club stage photos by Audrey Meshulam
** All other camp photos by Dominique Fierro

More here: http://dominiquefierro.smugmug.com

Additional coverage and photos of the Camper Showcase at DCist

Call for Curators


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The FUTURE of ROCK, right now

Dont' miss:

Girls Rock! DC Camper Showcase
Saturday, August 13.
Doors open at 10:30 a.m.
Bands & DJs begin @ 11 a.m.
$10 to a great organization
9:30 Club, 815 V St., NW, Washington, D.C.

Why? Because GIRLS ROCK DC! Forget about kiddie talent shows, you won't find that here. They'll be Blowing the roof Off! Wear dancing gear- Bring your hydropack & lunch money, cuz you will work up a serious appetite jumping around with these Awesome Girls!

"The Future of Rock Is In Their Hands

Fourth-annual All-Girl Music Camp Raises Self-Esteem and
Puts Girls On Stage

WASHINGTON , D.C. — Girls Rock! DC, a local non-profit aimed at establishing a supportive and
creative space for girls to develop their self-confidence, is hosting their fourth week-long girls music
camp this month. The camp will run daily from Monday, August 8 through Friday, August 12 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and will be held at the Mary McLeod Bethune Public Charter School in Northeast

Over the course of the week, an all volunteer staff of educators, musicians, artists and community
organizers, provide campers with instruction on electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals,
turntables and digital music production. Campers form bands, and are coached by volunteer musicians to write and perform original songs and DJ sets. And, most importantly, the camp gives young women a safe place to create music and a healthy self-image.

After a week of camp, the girls will showcase their new musical skills by presenting their original works at DC’s 9:30 Club on Saturday, August 13 at 11:00 am. The showcase is open to the public. Tickets are $10 and are available at the 9:30 Club box office and at the door. Free admission for youth 8 and under.

Campers come from all four quadrants of DC and surrounding areas. Scholarship funds were
available for a significant portion of campers. Additionally, campers do not need any musical
experience to participate.

We invite the media to attend one day during camp on Media Day, Thursday, August 11. New to this
year’s workshop curriculum, campers will learn and implement various camera techniques to use
media as a vehicle for their voices." - http://www.girlsrockdc.org

Friday, July 22, 2011

Collector's Dream ~ Thomas Pradzynski

RARE Works by Thomas Pradzynski, released from private collection and available to the public.

On Exhibit:

Friday, July 22nd. 7pm - 1:30am
The Dunes
1402 Meridian Pl. NW.
DC. 20010

Free admission.
Cash & credit bar.
~ DJ SoulCall Paul ~

Highly collectable, famed Artist Thomas Pradzynski was a modern realist painter born in Lodz, Poland, on November 29, 1951. His detail, mood, and method are highly evocative, stunning representations. An exile living with his wife in Paris, Pradzynski met a tragic end in 2007, and his loss in the art world has been felt ever since.

Collectors, view catalog here: http://tinyurl.com/Pradzynski-Dunes or Preview it here:

“When describing my art it is important to stress I do not try to either imitate hyper-realism or tromp l’oeil (deceive the eye). I attempt to romanticize the empty streets and the traces of the past and preserve places that are slowly disappearing. I am interested in detail and try to create an anecdote. I use light by manipulating reflections that come and go, and animating the beauty of a deserted street. I am fascinated with big cities like Paris and New York, and from their streets I try to find new visual realities for others to enjoy and discover. I love the past and present in every-day life and I hope to create that feeling in my art. At times I create a painting from a composition of several elements existing in different places, thus creating an ideal image to me. A lot of people see nostalgia in my paintings. It is a feeling I look for in places where life has stopped or is changing.
~ Thomas Pradzynski

What is a Serigraph?

"Serigraphy is the name commonly used for fine art prints created using the silk-screen technique, the word coming from the Greek roots of seri (silk) and graph (write or draw).

As a screen image is printed, the layers of stencil tend to erode due to the friction caused by the squeegee used to press the ink through the screen. Thus the serigraphic process inherently can create only limited edition prints.

Fine artists create limited edition silk-screens by applying layer upon layer of pigment to the print surface by pressing it through a mesh screen containing a stencil. The process commonly uses inks for pigment and stencils made of a variety of materials. Paper and plastic cutouts can be used as stencils, but using stencil fluid, which is applied like paint to the screen using a brush, stylus, or palette knife, creates a more “painterly” look. When the liquid stencil dries, it prevents the transfer of ink through the screen at that location, creating a "negative space" on the print. The artist has to think backward from the normal process of adding pigment to a surface to remain visible (defined as an additive process). In serigraphy, the pigment is added to the print surface to cover much of the previous layers, with the stencil allowing only the desired pigments to remain untouched and visible in the final print. For this reason, serigraphy is called a reductive process.

Additionally, variables in the process of hand-pulling serigraphs mean that each individual print is slightly different from each other print in the edition. Minor deviations in color registration, ink distribution, and even intentional variations injected by the artist yield individual prints that are truly "one-of-a-kind." For this reason, collectors as legitimate, collectible fine art investments consider serigraphs." - Knottywood Treasures

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink Rocks the Runway!

Christian Siriano headlines the October 21st fashion show at the International Trade Center in DC!

Organized by Christa Floresca, founder of PINK JAMS!, the high end fashion show offers a New York Fashion Week experience without leaving town. Siriano is bringing his entire NYFW Spring 2012 Couture Collection, something DC has never witnessed.

PINK JAMS is providing a special grant that evening to the Capital Breast Care Center, which provides mammograms and health screenings to women in DC, regardless of their ability to pay.


October 21st, 2011

International Trade Center – Atrium
1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC

6:00pm –Invitation only reception

7:00pm –VIP and General Receptions begin

8:00pm – Runway show begins

Survivors will walk the runway as well, modeling for designers Walish Gooshe, Tsyndyma, Tashia Senn, Punk Rock Bride, Natalie Sanz, KAS Collection, Estella Couture, Elizabeth St. John, Dominique Auxilly, Dennya, Chez Kevito, Booshie Designs, & Aidah.

One of the most exciting aspects to this event is the fact that the survivor models walk to live music, performed by Charm City Devils.

If you want to meet Siriano, contact Christa Floresca to purchase the coveted, high end front row seats that include a meet and greet with the famed designer.

Tiered pricing is available for other tickets and range from $90-$250.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available!


Friday, June 24, 2011

~SWIRL~ Columbia Pike Artist Studios

Saturday, June 25 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Twisted Vines in Arlington

Taste the newest wines from famed local winemaker Jordan Harris of Tarara winery, and check out what is happening in the South Arlington art scene at the opening reception for the Columbia Pike Artist Studios group show THIS SATURDAY at Twisted Vines. Mingle with the artists and winemaker while enjoying local wine and a champagne toast to the artists.

Works by:

Helen Ginberg

Barry Lindley

Nan Morrison

Kimberley Murphy-Lyons

Daniel Wise

Barbara Wolcott

Show runs through July 30th.

Twisted Vines Bistro and Wine Bar
2803 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA.

Sponsored by:


Columbia Pike Artist Studios, an artists' cooperative


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art Park at Columbia Festival of the Arts

A great way to spend a day, with or without the kids! ART. MUSIC. FOOD. WINE.

This juried, invitational art show and sale showcases more than 65 artisans displaying and selling their one-of-a-kind artwork. With many returning favorites, plus 40 new artists this year, you’ll find a variety of media including functional and wearable art and a wide range of prices.

Be sure to experience Maryland wine from Berrywine Plantations, Boordy Vineyards, Cygnus Wine Cellars, and Linganore Winecellars.

Food specialties from Creperie Breihz, Hugs N Cookies, Pecan Yummies, and The Gypsy Queen Cafe at this year's Indoor ArtPark.
It's the one show you won't want to miss this summer.

Admission is Free

Outdoor ArtPark
located along LakeFest grounds Friday, June 10: 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday, June 11: Noon - 9 p.m.
Sunday, June 12: Noon - 7 p.m.
Indoor ArtPark
located in covered garage at
10200 Wincopin Circle
Saturday, June 11: Noon - 7 p.m.
Sunday, June 12: Noon - 7 p.m
LakeFest, a three-day celebration of the arts at the Columbia lakefront, is FREE to the public and kicks off the 2011 Columbia Festival of the Arts, June 10 through 25.

More information:
I-95 S. Exit onto Rt. 175 W. toward Columbia, follow Rt. 175 crossing over Rt. 29 (Rt. 175 becomes Little Patuxent Parkway). LakeFest is on left across from The Mall in Columbia.

495 to I-95 N. Exit 38-B to Rt. 32 W. Exit 8B toward Columbia. Exit 16-A onto Rt. 29 N., Exit 20B Columbia Town Center, onto Little Patuxent Parkway. LakeFest is on left across from The Mall in Columbia.

Ceramics | Clay
Karen Russell
NAR Creations
Pet Tag Creations
Sara Knox Originals
Sonya Meeker*

Drawing | Painting
J.K. Heiser
Jay Durrah
K. Michael Crawford
Larry Stevens*
Livne Fine Art Studio*
Michele V. Foster-Lucas
Ric Conn
T.H. Gomillion
Trish Doty: brush,
water & color
Water Colors by
Drew Gutow

Jinx Garza
Melissa Spaid-Decker*
Passionate About
Glass Studio

Bunny Made
Isabella's World*
Janice Fowler*
Jewelry by Aliza*
Judy Bliss
Just My Imagination*
Kimmings Jewelry*
Linda Wagner Designs
Mishi Recycled Jewelry
never ever boutique*
Originals by Zaida*
Sandy Parlett Jewels
Wagman Designs*

Devin Mack*
Gary Pearson
Metal Sculptures
GraceWeights Mixed Media
Chris Bruno*
Designs from
the Edge*
Karen Buster*
Keylime Designs
by Mollie*
Laura Moore Designs*
Liliane Blom
Natural Feelings
On the Road
to Marrakech*
Rae Cumbie:
Artful Wearables*
Ric Fine Arts*
Sandra Street
Tara Useller
Thomas K. Bauley*
TreĊ› Jolie
Designs by Sue

Photography | Digital
Chris Bren Schmidt
Dennis M. Gilbert,
Ginny Kuhn
Holistic Emporium 02
Kutchi Studios
Monique Simone:
Norm Dubin*
Pixel Perfect Pics, LLC
Sam Pathi
Stephanie Grutzmacher

Big Stick Canes
Castle Chessboards
Ron Brown:
Tree Turnings

* Denotes Outdoor
ArtPark Artists

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relapsing into Art Crimes

Art Crimes | Recidivism | The Return

Violetta Markelou exhibits large scale, subtly sexy fashion photography. Throwback to the glam 40's in her teaser piece, with elegant lingerie, exquisitely waved hair and filtered light.

The Dunes
1402 Meridian Place, NW (Meridian Place entrance) Gallery on Upper level
Washington, DC

Friday, May 13, 2011

Youth Award WINNER!

The family of Ted Kliman is excited to announce the winner of the first annual Ted Kliman Memorial Award for Young Artists- meant to honor the legacy of the acclaimed Washington, D.C. artist who passed away in 2009.

This year’s award goes to 14 year old Romare Marshall, a freshman at Landon School in Bethesda who lives in Hyattsville, MD. Romare’s talent is quite remarkable, and he plans to become an art historian. He is using his $500 award to take painting and drawing classes over the summer. His work will be on display, and available for purchase, at The Daily Dish as part of a group show through mid June. Pictured above: A Trio of Skulls by Romare Marshall.

CELEBRATE with us Tuesday, May 17th!
Gather at The Daily Dish restaurant and bar in Silver Spring from 6:00-9:00pm for the award and silent auction benefitting TKMAYA. Guests of the event will enjoy complimentary hor d’oeuvres and 10% off food. Additionally, Tuesdays are half price bottle of wine at dinner!


• Fine Art print by Ted Kliman
• Be a food critic for a night! Dinner with a Food and Wine Editor and Restaurant Critic
• Artwork from Eileen Cave
• Recycled Sterling Silver earrings from MiSHi Artisan Jewelry
• $50 Gift Certificate to KBQ Barbecue
• Voice lesson from Ellen Kliman
• Signed copy of The Wild Vine by Todd Kliman
• Calligraphed framed print of the poem Desiderata
• Foodie gift basket
• Gorgeous cookbooks, and more!

The Daily Dish
8301A Grubb Rd.
Silver Spring, MD. 20910
(301) 588-6300
Get there early for happy hour! 3:30-6pm:
$5 Martinis, Tap Beers, & Rail drinks
$4 House wine & select beers
$5 Select Appetizers!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Crimes: Danny Harris / Curated and Committed by The Dunes

Danny Harris calls Burning Man "Home" for one week every August. See the festival through the eye of this incredible photographer, and save yourself the trip to high desert extremes.

Wed. 4/6 6:30-midnight. No cover. DJ SoulCall Paul
The Gibson
2009 14th St NW
Washington, DC

Danny Harris "At Home on the Playa" exhibits for one month.

"Each “At Home on the Playa” photo takes from that concept and shares a private moment with a subject. From a lonely phone booth to a pair of exhausted, roller-skating brothers, these images welcome us into an intimate, solitary space. At "home", the endless desert landscape becomes the walls and the subjects, the furniture and warmth within." -D.H.

~The Dunes will donate 33% of the gross of all art sold at Art Crimes throughout 2011 to Japan earthquake relief.~

Facebook Invite

Monday, April 4, 2011


This event takes place at Long View Gallery. I'm looking forward to enjoying a girls night out in this awesome space, sipping cocktails, being pampered, and even swapping my handbags for new ones!

Get your tickets ahead of time here, as it's cheaper and guarantees a swag bag! Paypal.com

* A portion of all ticket sales benefits Fashion Fights Poverty's Woodrow Wilson High School Program Field Trip!

Bonus! On view at Long View during the event: Revive by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz!

Named Washington Post's Gallery Opening of the week by Michael O'Sullivan. "Long View Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibit by Chicago-based artist Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, titled “Revive.” An accomplished painter and mixed-media artist, Michelle Peterson-Albandoz is well known for her unique use of reclaimed wood. Using discarded wood found in and around her Chicago neighborhood, she creates both constructions on panels and sculptures."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking In, Looking Through

Photography Exhibit Opening Premieres New Show, New Gallery

Kensington, MD – Saturday, April 2nd marks the opening of the photography exhibition “Looking In, Looking Through” at the new Howard Avenue Arts Incubator gallery. A reception to celebrate the inaugural show, open to the public, will be held from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on that date. The reception and exhibition will take place on the top floor of the Gary Rosenthal Collection studio building, in Kensington's West Howard Avenue warehouse and antique district.

Curated by noted photographer Jim Auerbach, the exhibition features 10 local photographers, each showing 10 images, from landscapes and portraits to architecture and abstracts. Unifying the show is the theme “Looking In, Looking Through”: capturing the essence of a subject by looking deeply into it and communicating the context of a subject by looking through it to the wider world. The featured photographers include George DeBuchananne, Beth Koller, Peter Manzelli, Dave Mullen, Mario Ramos, Judy Saunders, Coriolana Simon, Jerry Weinstein, and Doug Wolters, as well as curator Jim Auerbach.

The works will be on display from April 2 through April 16. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Saturday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, and Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Howard Ave Arts Incubator, a community service project of the Gary Rosenthal Collection, began operating in December 2010 with the mission of creating a collaborative arts community dedicated to promoting socially responsible action while nurturing the creative and professional growth of local artists. “The Washington, DC area has been home to my glass and metal sculpture studio for close to 40 years. By creating the Incubator, I am helping to encourage other local artists, as well as giving back to the community through social ventures that use art to make the world a better place,” states Rosenthal."

For more information, contact Curator Jim Auerbach at npajiim@aol.com, or 301.871.9060 and 301.807.1753; or Assistant Director Joy Parisi at joyartincubator@gmail.com, call 301.897.4152, or visit the website at www.artincubator.org

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lamont Bishop Gallery announces “Mirror Rim” Annie Kielman Solo Exhibit.

I'm looking forward to visiting DC's newest gallery: Lamont Bishop on 9th street. Named after an instructor at the Institute for Student Achievement, the gallery "endeavors to nurture curiosity, expand inquisitive minds and give back to the community by exposing members to new and exciting artistic opportunities."

Annie Kielman presents "Mirror Rim"
March 12 – April 2, 2011
Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 12th. 7:00-11:00PM
1314 9th Street NW DC

"She stresses her discovery of the ease with which something can
become strange: how facile exaggerations can become abnormal, or how trivial manipulations
or replications can evolve into something unfamiliar. She explores this theme primarily through
the creation of two-dimensional prints as well as sculptural works that simultaneously probe the
idea of delicate perversion of commonplace aesthetics."


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Youth Artist Award

The family of Ted Kliman is pleased to accept applications for the first annual Ted Kliman Memorial Award for Young Artists. This $500 award is designed to encourage and support talented, career-minded youngsters working in the visual arts.

Ted Kliman, who died in 2009, was a brilliant and prolific artist with work in over 200 public and private collections. He was exceedingly generous in giving his time to his fellow artists, and believed deeply that young talent needs to be nurtured.

Who's eligible? Students between the ages of 12-17 living in the Washington, D.C., area. Artists may work in any medium: sculpture, painting, drawing, mixed media or photography.

Requirements: a portfolio (10-15 jpegs, slides or high-quality photos of the artist's work; a 3-page essay describing the applicant's aspirations as an artist, and what the award will be used for; a 2-page analysis/appreciation of a single work of art that inspires the artist.)

Deadline: April 1st, 2011.

Send all materials to: The Ted Kliman Memorial Award Foundation
c/o Todd Kliman
5006 43rd Ave.
Hyattsville, Md. 20781

The selected candidate will be announced in May 2011. The foundation will work to arrange, in addition to the award, a small local exhibition of the recipient's work.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Stains - Memory Remains


18 DC based artists including Dana Ellyn, Matt Sesow, DECOY, & Peter Krsko show at CRE8 Space studio gallery from 7:00-9:00 PM. Themes on love and it's varying after effects will be explored by some of the edgiest creative minds in DC.

1314 9th Street NW
Washington, DC

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An artful Saturday!

So much to see this weekend! Here's where to go:

In Arlington, grab an exquisite bite and pair it with a complimentary surprise at Twisted Vines with their kickoff opening of SWIRL~ Art and wine combine with Jackie Hoysted's encaustic exhibit, sponsored by artdc.
Saturday, Feb 5th
4-7 pm.

Experience all of "The Elements"
at ArtSpace Herndon
Sat. Feb. 5th
750 Center St
Herndon, VA

"Anchored in the classic elements of Hellenic physics - Water, Fire, Earth and Air – these artists use the elements as a part of their medium, rathe...r than as the subject of their works. Each element contains the origin of their work, is part of their work, and even transforms their work."

In DC:
The Creative DC Mom's Winter Festival is happening at Lil Omm Yoga

Where: 4830 V St NW, Washington, DC 20007
Date: February 5, 2011
Time: 3:00pm–6:00pm

The Winter Festival is a marketplace for unique gifts, accessories, art, food and upscale crafts. All of the exhibitors are imaginative moms, in the DC area, that celebrate their ingenuity through their creations and businesses.

Participants include Adams Art Production, Aviva Goldfarb, Casimira, Charm Stitch, Collie Ollie's Children's Boutique, El Ceibo Chocolates, Joy of Jewelry, Linens of Provence, Marisol Cakes, MiSHi Designs, Starland by Hand, Stella & Dot, Sweet Bites Creamery, Urban Tastes, Ushie Baby and Wiggle + Scoot.

Sponsors Urban Chic and Apple Seed Maternity & Baby Boutique are offering prizes and gift certificates that will be raffled off!

The Happy Baby company will be giving away tons of goodies for both babies and moms!

Come Support Our Local Moms!
Plenty of street parking.