Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hiking up the Dunes...

Typically when collectives or galleries have to cancel a show due to unforeseen circumstances, it's Game Over.

For The Dunes ~ that's just the type of challenge they take in stride, then hike up, Way UP, to the the next level.

Witness the relocation and rebirth of Mark Eisendrath: Paper, Pigments, and Fire:

Saturday, November 20 at 7:00pm - November 21 at 1:00am

Fundraiser for Pediatric Aids/HIV Care


UPDATED Location: Collective|Creative|The Dunes
1503 Connecticut Ave. NW (Top Floor)
Washington, DC


This installation features stunning work by Baltimore-based sculptor Mark Eisendrath. Mark will be exhibiting unique pieces that resemble aged and weathered metals, but are created using paper, pigments and fire -- a process that he has been developing over the past 10 years. Mark's work will be featured in a gorgeous new exhibition space and will be curated by The Dunes.

After a cocktail reception, the night will move into a celebration of the artist and his work, with DJ Sam "The Man" Burns and DJ Ben Garlock ("Doc Rok").

Pediatric Aids/HIV Care, Inc.,, will be collecting voluntary donations for their amazing organization and will get all profits from the event and a percentage of Mark's sales. THANKS MARK!

online gallery:

Collective|Creative|The Dunes
1503 Connecticut Ave. NW (Top Floor)
Washington, DC 20036
Dupont North

DJ Sam "The Man" Burns
DJ Ben Garlock
Mixology by Jake Worth
Free savory bites
No entry fee (donations Ped/Aids much appreciated)
Afterparty is "Mousetrap" by Stereo Faith at the Black Cat (

About Mark Eisendrath:
Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Eisendrath has completed artist residences in Paris, France and Providence, Rhode Island. The unique experiences gave him a critical perspective into his work as an artist and teacher. Eisendrath's interest in teaching resulted in adjunct teaching positions as The Corcoran College of Art and Design, Rhode Island School of Design and George Mason University. He has been invited to lecture and present slides at Red Dirt Studios, Baltimore's School for the Arts and Johns Hopkins University.

While Eisendrath has found his teaching experiences to be profound, nothing is more rewarding to him than the on-going production of his artwork. His works have been exhibited regionally at Gallery Imperato, Maryland Art Place, The Susan Conway Gallery, Goya Contemporary, School 33 Art Center, Baltimore's Creative Alliance, Cecil County Art Center, G-Spot AVP, The Ann Arbor Art Center and the Towson Arts Collective. In addition, his works have been included in some notable collections: The Alice and George Denny Collection (Washington, DC), Kingdon Gould III (MD), The Concord Corporation (VA), Helmut Stern (MI), The Rosenthal Family Collection (MI), Jay Fishman LTD (MI), Cliff Ransom (MD) and The Cordish Company (MD). He received the Jury Prize from Baltimore's Office of Promotion and the Arts at the Artscape Art Festival in 2003.

Created By The Dunes, Annie Oakley, Randy Price, Lukas Smith, Deidree Bennett, Alex Rothlisberger, Foday Kargbo, Ben Eisendrath, Tara Papanicolas, Brynn Rovito, Breeze Giannasio, Matty Taylor, steven faith, Ben Garlock, Chris Burns, John Philip, Jordan Culberson, Scott Permar, Danielle Vu, Nick Fitzhugh, Morgan Greenhouse, Matthew Stephenson, Shannon Holloway, Mark Eisendrath

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