Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art Crimes – RAS. The Eclectic Work of Rodger Schultz

Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 2012
7PM - 10PM

Exhibition runs 2/2/12-2/28/12 at The Dunes in NW Washington.

About RAS. (Rodger Schultz):

RAS. adds portraiture to his impressive resume, which includes his famous JPOP (Jackson Pollock on Prozac) series. Continually reinventing himself, Schultz excels in every genre he attempts. We at The Dunes are honored to have such a prestigious artist in our gallery, showing Rosa Parks and MLK in a light many do not recall, where the harsh realities of peaceful protest are exposed.

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“Rodger Schultz is one of the few visionaries available today who can perpetually expand and contract his work while maintaining an ever-strengthening elasticity." - www.rodgerschultz.com

RAS. ARTIST BIO 214/ Rodger Schultz / Born: 1970 Washington DC/ Education: B.A. Graphic Design Program UMBC, University of Maryland Baltimore County 1988-92 / Apprenticeship: Sculpture, Ed Breathitt, John Soderberg, 1994-5 / Rodger Schultz is one of the few visionaries available today who can perpetually expand and contract his work while and maintaining an ever-strengthening elasticity. A Fine Art Painter turned Sculptor turned Sign Maker turned Graphic Designer turned Corporate Illustrator turned Interface Designer turned Self, RAS. is probably the most diversely fluent creative mind we’ve met. He’s knocked for not being predictable, and the heads like predictabe…but his rabid fans and collectors submit that his freshness is what sets him apart. We agree. We like not being able to figure him out. And it wouldn’t be proper to define RAS. as just a painter, or artist even. He is a True Creative, and his work is wholly intended and of the highest order.

RAS. ARTIST STATEMENT 187/ Rodger Schultz / “When I approach a canvas, I empty myself of all goals, notions, aims, ideals, preconceived yearning and prior learnings. Grand works should always start with infinite possibility, because they surely cannot end with it. If one approaches his canvas with nothing, he is assured that only his true self will remain to slather on the board. For me, I hope what remains is beautiful, and if I have any purpose or desire as a creative, it is to manifest beauty, out of myself.”

The Dunes
1402 Meridian Place, NW.
DC. 20010
Open: Wed Thurs Fri Sat - 11:00am-6:00pm

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