Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Gallery at Social

Last night DC blossomed as one of its beloved philanthropists found a space all his own. Ora Nwabueze of The Dunes, who brought us Off Ramp and Get Trunk, finally has a gallery to call home for the staging of his brilliant and exciting shows.

The Gallery at Social is a modern, intimate gallery and event space on 14th st in Columbia Heights. There, The Dunes will enthrall us with art, music, & fashion from DC's most talented creatives. At last night's opening, a substantial plethora of Nwabueze's friends turned out for a private viewing.

The exhibit features photography by Yacouba Tanou, Pete Muller, Peter Van Agtmael and Jocelyn Weiss. Yacouba fled Cote d'Ivoire in 2003, and has a great eye for color and composition. Jocelyn's lovely work was projected on a big screen. The images of Uganda by Pete Muller and Peter Van Agmael were stunning, evocative and imaginative glimpses of life in poverty stricken Africa, as it emerges bit by bit into a sustainable future.

The Gallery at Social. Go there.

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