Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Gone August 15th, so get down there!

Closing Weekend! Saturday Aug 14th until 10pm. Sunday 12-5.

Hugh & Crye's fall launch! Men's shirts that actually fit.



Artistic Sole -Skate decks, graphic tees, shoes.
Buprestes – Beautiful silver jewelry with cutest bug motif ever.
Carolyn Thornton – Jewelry.
Dawit Kahsi – Africa-inspired graphic tees.
Holland Cox – Colorful handbags, aprons, and other accessories.
MiSHi – Sterling silver jewelry. (That's me!)
Thembe Fashions – Womens clothing.

Thursdays and Fridays: 6 to 10 PM
Saturdays: 2 to 10 PM
Sundays: 12 to 5 PM

Located in the former R.L. Christian Library at 1300 H Street, NE.
Important! They only accept credit cards and checks as forms of payment.

Friday, August 6: Music Selector Phoenix
Saturday, August 7: DJ Jahsonic

“Eat Ur Heart Out“
Hunger Awareness Project by DECOY
Great for kids!
August 8
1 to 3 PM

DECOY raises awareness about hunger in DC. Did you know that 56,000 children in DC are at risk of hunger? You’ll get to decorate lunch bags that we’ll donate to area kitchens that provide meals to those in need.

Fall Collection Launch by Hugh & Crye
August 13-15

Closing weekend music curated by BLUEBRAIN
August 13-15

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  1. The program at Decoy sounds like it is a lot of fun. I'm a little curious how the food packages get to DC, or else what kind of food is in them.